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Trainings and itineraries of the creator

Andre AYALA - Born May 25, 1948 in Mézières en Brenne - Department of Indre - Centre Region - France -
is a French architect author of various studies , research and achievements in the French capital - Paris - and various territorial regions .


Born into a family of building contractors, Andre Ayala made his secondary education followed to a professional teaching to Ecole Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle and the School of Fine Arts in Bourges; Then , after preparing the entrance examination in Lycée Charlemagne , it will integrate in October 1969, the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris , in the Louis Rene AUDBERT workshop and get her diploma of architect D.P.L.G. in October 1975 supporting the thesis: " Saving and Proposals improvements of a natural region - The Brenne - Country of a Thousand ponds " in front of a jury consisting of Mr. Pierre Millet , President , Architect Planner, Inspector General of the Directorate of Land Planning and the Urban Planning ( Planning ) - Olivier Lahalle , Director of Studies and Rapporteur , Chief Architect of Buildings Civil and National Palaces , Chief Architect of the Louvre Museum - O. MEYNARD , Architect DPLG , Grand Prix de Rome , - A. JENKINS, Architect Planner - TERRASSON Francis , Assistant at the Museum of Applied Ecology Natural History - J. FALAISE, Geographer, Deputy Director of Regional Organisation of Study and Development of the Centre Region - Orleans.


- Extract of the minutes of the presentation of the memorandum dated October 10, 1975 -
17 h 30 - Conclusion of the Jury President - Mr. Pierre Millet

" The second part of the study has not a direct interest on the national level but it's a step in the Centre region. By cons, the first part of the study will be disseminated at the national level and all agencies concerned. The work presented today by André AYALA is excellent; Other questions are they asking ? ... Good ! Consequently , this work requires , therefore , soon - to- date, to be considered by the various Ministerial Proceedings of Cultural Affairs, the Environment and the Delegation for Spatial Planning and the Regional Action - DATAR - "

In December 1989 , by Region - State Agreement (1989-1993 ) the territory of the Region " Brenne " was declared officially by the various ministerial bodies including the Ministry of Environment, the twenty-sixth " Regional Park "and the first in the Central Region.

While the studies of architecture and various stays in the agencies of architecture : Jean Pierre HURION, Andre KORNILOFF , Michel VENNIN , Omnium Technique of Habitations - Infrastructure Department - Directorate Andre LAPEYRE , he follows the course of organizational and analytical management to School of Scientific Organization of Work with Charles VORIAZ arriving from the United States with a new method of planning: planning PERT ( Program of Evaluation and Review Technique ) and in addition, some courses of History of art and construction at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers with Jean Sebastien ACHE and Jean PROUVE.

Graduated October 10, 1975 - Swearing conducted February 19, 1976 at Council of the Architects of Ile de France.

In so far as architect , he opened his agency in 1977 and works in various sectors of the building, the industry and the environment by emphasizing quality work conducted in the traditional way for over thirty years and this led to various studies, research and achievements : the works of art and engineering - the social cultural facilities - the protection of sites and patrimony - the Social class and residential housing - housing estates built and landscaped - the tourist facilities and hotel - the urban facilities and development of downtown - the agricultural and industrial buildings - the agribusiness - the headquarters of companies - buildings or hospital paramedics - restoration , restructuring and rehabilitation of ancient buildings - the individual homes - the Planning and decorating.


In 1990, following an important international mission, (and with intangible assets estimated for the amount of 49 849 800,00 USD) he deepened the manufacturing production systems that exist and see that they are no longer adapted to meet international economic exchanges that will open to a larger scale in the years to come . It is therefore necessary to find other production systems and in this sense, since 1995, he turned on the search for new logistical systems and organizational products for business and industry. That is so after many years Studies and Research, in November 2004 he filed a patent application for an invention which will be issued by the National Institute of Industrial Property in December 2006.

Une innovation pour concevoir et bâtir...Une clef au service de la stratégie économique des entreprises...

The invention which is called < S.L.I.M.E.O.P. > ( Systems of Linkages Inter Modular Evolutionary for Optimization of Productivity ) is a registered trademark in 2005, which names a system to reduce production time and build centers of production of another generation adapted to the globalization of markets, internal and external.

For the future, the applications of the device in the industry can be multiple. At first time, we must simply hope that some farmers and traders from various regions will become aware of what is available to them through this device, introducing a new concept of work , and will mobilize to create their own processing center and multi - products treatments to trade directly with consumers and thus serve the great number more fairly . And secondly , if it is parallel, it is also hoped that some artisans and manufacturers, across disciplines, realize the merits of this system and wish to implement in certain applications to best meet their interests in the process of increasingly competitive markets inside and outside .

To date, André AYALA exploit the industrial concept and logistics : < S.L.I.M.E.O.P. > for < C.T.M.P.M.P. > ( Modular Centers of Transformations of Multi-Products Productions ) and founded in 2008 the Association " S.L.I.M.E.O.P. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT " A professional organization to help build the industry of tomorrow. An association to promote autonomous production centers of another generation for the development of agricultural enterprises, crafts and manufacturing and thus contribute to the improvement of living conditions of populations.

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